EuroCenter vACC Executive Staff

Current Executive Staff for the EuroCenter vACC

Callsign Name CID E-Mail Duty
EUC1 Samy Greve 874505 vACC Director
EUC2 Jonas Dold 1267411 Deputy vACC Director
EUC3 Matan Budimir 1375048 Webservices Director
EUC4 Nikolas Goerlitz 1373921 Webservices Deputy Director

EuroCenter vACC - Sector Buddies

List of Sector Buddies for EuroCenter vACC

Name CID Authorisations
Andreas Fuchs 810809 I M
Samy Greve 874505 I M
Apostolos Damkalis 963239 E I M S W
Morten Jelle 1012739 I M N W
Mattia Torti 1049360 E I M N S W
Michal Majerczuk 1091056 I M S
David Lee 1161277 W
Peter Pare 1267123 W
Jonas Dold 1267411 E M N S W
Peter Toft 1280555 N
Patrick Buerhaus 1320216 I M S W
Nikolas Goerlitz 1373921 S
Matan Budimir 1375048 E
Matisse VanWezer 1385143 W
Please do not hesitate to contact the EuroCenter vACC staff - but if you have an ATC request please use this form.