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Welcome to the EuroCenter vACC's website! Setup in 2003, the EuroCenter vACC has a 'special vACC' status as we only provide ATC services in Europe's six upper area (enroute) air traffic control sectors. Our main objectives are to ensure a continued ATC service above FL245, when local CTRs are offline and to provide a high-quality, highly professional ATC service. Enjoy the website and feel free to provide us with some feedback on how we can improve!

Samy Greve
EuroControl vACC Director


New forum released


Forum registration is now available!

To register in the forum you need to go to the website dashboard, then press Make a forum account button, after you entered the password (8 characters or more), simply press create.

After registration go to the forum . To login, the username is your VATSIM ID and password is the one you've entered before.

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Merry Christmas

On behalf of the entire EuroCenter vACC Staff team, we‘d like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas to those that celebrate today or in the coming days. We hope that you have a nice time with your families and are excited to present the technical changes facing the EuroCenter vACC. :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree:

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New Website Relesed


New website is relesed! More informations about it's functions can be found here.
With the new website we now have new discord server. To join press here.
Once you've joined the server, please go to your dashboard, press on "Personal settings" and then "Link your discord account".
Once your discord account is linked, the bot will assign you the correct roles.

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