EuroCenter vACC


Welcome to the EuroCenter vACC's website! Setup in 2003, the EuroCenter vACC has a 'special vACC' status as we only provide ATC services in Europe's six upper area (enroute) air traffic control sectors. Our main objectives are to ensure a continued ATC service above FL245, when local CTRs are offline and to provide a high-quality, highly professional ATC service. Enjoy the website and feel free to provide us with some feedback on how we can improve!

Mattia Torti
EuroControl vACC Director


NON EUD (except UK) members

Dear All,

Until further notice we DO NOT accept applications from NON VATEUD (except UK) members.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Written by: 1049360, 18.03.2021

Intakes to be suspended until 31st March 2021

As you are aware EuroControl vACC is going through some turbulent times: closure of our Islands sector & Samy stepping down from his longstanding role as director.

Staff at vEUC have agreed today further intakes are to be suspended until a thorough spring cleaning on our roster has been accomplished and this division is able to adjust to what we are facing.

Intakes will re-open on the 31st March 2021

Written by: 1161277, 09.03.2021

EURM - Maastricht Regulation Changes

Good day everyone,

Effective today we have increased the requirements for EURM (Maastricht Sector) as followed:

- 100 hours required on 1 sector (not all EURx sectors)

- minimum 6 months member of EUC vACC

The main reason is due to increase of traffic in general on VATSIM, but especially for this sector the workload is very high. We want to fulfil the expectations by the involved divisions and make sure we can provide a very high standard. From various feedback we got to know that these standards are very different from member to member. 

If you have any further questions or feedback feel free to get in touch with us.

Written by: 1049360, 05.03.2021